Composite Fillings (White Fillings)

Composite Fillings Kanata, ON

Composite fillings are white resin fillings used to repair teeth affected by decay, cracks, fractures or discolourations. The decayed or affected portion of the tooth is removed and then filled with the composite filling.

There are a number of types of materials available to fill the damaged portion of a tooth. Each treatment option has its advantages and disadvantages. Composite fillings are advantageous over mercury (amalgam) fillings because they are mercury free, and are intended to match the colour of your tooth, not to mention their bondable nature. As a result, your filling will appear much more aesthetically pleasing and it is less likely that your natural tooth structure will break away from the filling.

As with all filling materials, composite fillings are not permanent and will someday have to be replaced. They are, however, quite durable and can be anticipated to last for a number of years.

Reasons for composite fillings:

  • Repairing chipped teeth
  • Closing spaces between teeth
  • Repairing cracked or broken teeth
  • Repairing decayed teeth
  • Improving worn teeth
  • Improving the appearance of misshapen or discoloured teeth

Placement of composite tooth-coloured fillings:

When you come for a composite filling, the first thing to occur will be to apply a numbing agent to freeze the affected area. Then your Kanata dentist will remove any decay and/or defective filling present on the tooth. The space will then be thoroughly cleaned and prepared for the placement of the new filling. The composite filling will then be placed in your tooth and the dentist will shape and polish the filling until your tooth is restored to its original shape and function.

Some patients do experience some sensitivity to hot and cold after a new composite filling has been placed. Take solace, however, that this is typically a short-term effect and should subside, in the majority of cases.

Maintaining and caring for your new composite filling will be enhanced by your ongoing home care, including good oral hygiene practices, good eating habits and regular visits to us at March Dental!

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