The reason I come here and bring my family is how we are treated. My hygienist is super caring and friendly. The front staff are so nice and pleasurable to talk to. Keep up the good work!

Jeffrey P. May 1, 2024

As a grown man who has spent a lifetime being afraid of a trip to the Dentist, this was a wonderful experience!!!!! Greatly appreciate you being able to fit me in on short notice. Thanks so much!!!!

Steve H. May 28, 2024

Najla does a very good and thorough cleaning. She is very precise, polite and conscientious while doing her cleaning. Highly recommend her to family and friends :-)

Lianne S. May 27, 2024

Excellent people and welcoming environment every visit. Thank you!

Julia N. May 22, 2024

Service was excellent as always. Excellent dental hygienist.

Lynn C. May 22, 2024

Another delightful visit to the dentist :) Friendly, efficient and helpful. Very satisfied patient.

Heather L. May 21, 2024

The hygienist is great. He keeps me informed of what the appointment consists of and tells me what his next step is. Very thorough and professional.

Adam D. May 14, 2024

A wonderful, caring, and non-judgemental place.

Leslie F. May 9, 2024

The hygienist was professional, fast and clearly very knowledgeable. Definitely a keeper.

John B. May 9, 2024

Love this clinic and I always recommend it to friends who ask about a dentist!

Lesley V. May 8, 2024

Thank you for your excellent service

Patricia S. May 2, 2024

Very friendly and professional service. I highly recommend Dr. Dmytrowski and team.

Colin G. April 26, 2024

Excellent service by Dr. Dmytrowski and all her staff

Brian C. April 25, 2024

A  highly proficient team delivering first class dental services.

Anonymous April 23, 2024

I did not call but I did write to them about a medical issue and an upcoming appointment and they made a decision and contacted me promptly and kindly! During my most recent appointment, they not only listened to my concerns but they stopped and listened to my stories!!!!!! IN ADDITION, when I mentioned that I needed empty boxes for a project the front desk team got me some. Wish I could go there every day - NOT REALLY because it is THE DENTIST - but you know what I mean!!!

Carol L. April 18, 2024

Everyone is always friendly and especially helpful. I really feel like they have my best interests in mind.

Mark H. April 17, 2024

I absolutely love my dentist team

Carl M. April 16, 2024

Best dental clinic on the planet! The staff are always helpful and accommodating! I met a new dental hygienist who assisted me with my fillings and she was absolutely wonderful! I seriously look forward to my next cleaning! You don't even feel like you're at the dentist! Super kind, efficient and very gentle! A++++++

Ashlee P. April 12, 2024

Excellent hygienist!

Barbara B. April 11, 2024

Lovely time with Heidi as always :)

Brittany P. April 11, 2024

Thank you

Robert M. April 11, 2024

Every on of the staff is amazing.

Suvitha R. April 11, 2024

The Team is constantly fantastic from the front desk to the hygienist to Dr. Dmytrowski

Mario L. April 3, 2024

Simply, the best. Professional. Courteous. Competent. Caring. Great people who always put a smile on my face. And a much nicer smile than when I arrived. Recommended to family and friends.

Paul B. March 28, 2024

Excellent care!

Alison M. March 27, 2024

Great service!

Louise M. March 26, 2024

All great staff.

Martin T. March 20, 2024

Dr. Yolande is a very caring Dr.

John M. March 19, 2024

Very friendly and professional service from the moment I checked in with receptionist. Hygienist was super polite, caring and addressed all my concerns. Dr. Dmytrowski was super friendly and gave me great advice.

Colin G. March 19, 2024

I loved my teeth cleaning best ever experience

Elaine B. March 12, 2024

Always very professional and caring.

Jean-Luc L. March 8, 2024

I've referred a few ppl!

Valerie H. March 8, 2024

I was happy to hear that Dr. Dmytrowski is glad to be back at the office.

Sara G. March 3, 2024

Staff are friendly and very accommodating. Very professional.

Sherwin C. March 1, 2024

Great staff.

Donald B. February 27, 2024

I appreciate the respect, care, and time spent to ensure that I was understood and kept at ease. I've had numerous painful and negative experiences with dentistry as a kid and younger adult. Thank you for caring.

Kathy F. February 20, 2024

Great staff and excellent care. Thank you!

Katherine W. February 15, 2024


Nancy S. February 15, 2024

Overall appointment was good

Robert M. February 14, 2024

Great team

Carol M. February 13, 2024

Thank you

Terry M. February 12, 2024

Such an awesome team!

Isabelle S. February 12, 2024

Absolutely wonderful staff. Kind and excellent hygienists. Great place to go to! Thank you for your work and effort.

Dan T. February 12, 2024

Awesome people.

Carl M. February 12, 2024

Great Team! Everyone is so wonderful to work with.

Lynn T. January 24, 2024

Very nice and warm reception upon entering the office. The dental hygienist was so good with Levi. She explained everything in a simple and friendly manner that he could understand. He had his teeth polished and by the end he said he liked the dentist and wants to return! First time meeting Dr. Dmytrowski. She was super nice and friendly as well. Perfect first visit for Levi. Thank you for making the start of this journey for Levi such a positive one.

Levi M. January 23, 2024

Always wonderful to visit!

Christine G. January 18, 2024

Staff is very friendly & pleasant.

Mark B. January 16, 2024

Hygienist is very knowledgeable and friendly.

Ian M. January 15, 2024

Always a great experience. Everyone creates a warm, caring and inviting atmosphere.

Julia L. January 11, 2024

All of the staff are wonderful :)

Karen B. January 11, 2024

Great visit, lovely hygienist and staff!

Kelly M. January 10, 2024

Just an exceptional office in every aspect!!

Anonymous January 8, 2024

Very happy!

John M. January 8, 2024

Very good visit

Aileen M. January 3, 2024

All the staff is very friendly, efficient and knowledgeable.

Rachelle B. January 3, 2024

Very happy with everything, Thanx again!!

Allan C. December 22, 2023

Very good experience for my filling!!

Emma S. December 22, 2023

Very accommodating!!!

Maika R. December 20, 2023

Best dentist clinic I've ever been to

Paul C. December 20, 2023

Had a very nice visit. Enjoyed the Christmas decorations and music!

Steven M. December 12, 2023

Love you guys!

Christina Z. December 8, 2023

Always love coming here :)

Nathan M. December 7, 2023

Replacement dentist was also a 10 in all categories. Dr. Dmytrowski, best wishes for your recovery.

Brian B. December 7, 2023

I was greeted by name!!! In addition, and it can't be said too often, HEIDI ROCKS!!!!!!!

Carol L. December 1, 2023

Simply the most caring competent professional dentist and staff I have had in my 70 years.

Paul B. November 29, 2023

The entire team at March Dental is friendly, knowledgeable, and attentive! My hygienist, Yash, was very professional and gentle. Thank you for the 5 star service!

Diane D. November 27, 2023

They are very organized and professional 1 very recommend

Tahmineh K. November 24, 2023

My cleaning went very well nice lady

Andy W. November 21, 2023

Excellent hygiene visit again - as always - and front staff very friendly and professional.

Lynn C. November 21, 2023

I'm very satisfied with the treatment I received at the dental office.

Sara G. November 16, 2023

I always feel confident and trust that they will be there for me. If I feel nervous all the staff is compassionate and they take the time to reassure me. I highly recommend them.

Louise D. November 8, 2023

You guys are great thank you!

Darren H. November 1, 2023

The great attitude of the staff is what keeps me coming!

Jeffrey P. October 31, 2023

I found Yash (sp?), the new hygienist at my latest visit, to be very friendly, gentle, and professional.

Gabrielle M. October 28, 2023

Great staff

Duncan H. October 26, 2023

My hygienist was really great! He was caring, considerate, educational, and respectful. A great addition to the March Dental team!

Emily M. October 20, 2023

The hygienist I saw was extremely knowledgeable and gave me useful added instructions for post appointment benefits.

Christy S. October 17, 2023

Awesome service, as always. I really appreciate how my hygienist takes the time to explain and educate. Yash's depth of knowledge is clearly very deep. Excellent chairside manner!

David C. October 16, 2023

Pleasant, helpful and professional

Kim W. October 13, 2023

Great people!

Corey C. October 13, 2023

Doctor Dmytrowski and her assistant radiated complete knowledge and competence!

Willem K. October 12, 2023

I'm so very happy with the work Dr. Yolande did on my teeth. She really saved me so much pain and money until I can get insurance in place and money saved up for implants.

Patricia R. October 10, 2023

Elizabeth is a big fan of her stuffy and toothbrush too! Thanks guys for being so sweet and patient with my little one!

Elizabeth R. October 5, 2023

Always have a great service thank you

Martin T. October 10, 2023

Excellent Service!

Francis K. September 29, 2023

Very friendly and welcoming

Mark H. September 22, 2023

I had a personal concern and Dr. Dmytrowski was very professional when addressing the issue. I quite respected her for it.

Darlene M. September 21, 2023

Christine is lovely and has been a pleasure to interact with.

Ella S. September 17, 2023

A wonderful, serene visit. Kind, attentive and non-judgemental staff. 

Leslie F. September 14, 2023

excellent service

Jay P. September 10, 2023

What a great practice, so friendly and caring. Talk about an amazing cleaning......I've seen all of the hygienists here and they are hands down all the best! I've recommended my whole family come here!

Anonymous September 6, 2023

Great fit for a night guard.

John G. August 30, 2023

I really like the texting system! Super helpful for a busy mom who never answers the phone or forgets to call.

Andrea B. August 25, 2023

Great service!!

Louise M. August 26, 2023

Was well done to check my coverage

Andy W. August 18, 2023

Great visits. Thanks.

Matthew D. August 18, 2023

Excellent team at March Dental! I am very impressed!

Bridget K. August 15, 2023

Had a wonderful cleaning by Najla!! She is very good and does a thorough job.

Lianne S. August 15, 2023

Everything was perfect, job was done on time and no pain....I really like this place.

Jorge M. August 10, 2023

Very pleasant and efficient hygienist. Sorry, can't remember how to spell his name!!!!

Dorothy R. August 9, 2023

Thank you. My bridge feels great after the work you did yesterday.

Joan B. July 5, 2023

Love your new dental assistant. Professional and Kind. The whole package.

Mary Lou D. July 5, 2023

Everything was perfect, job was done on time and no pain, ...I really like this place...

Jorge M. July 10, 2023

Always so friendly, quick and efficient. Dr. Dmytrowski and team are great!

Cara B. July 10, 2023

Such a friendly, professional, respectful, patient-centred staff! A++

Nancy S. July 10, 2023

As always, excellent, professional and friendly service! Thank you!

Louise D. July 17, 2023

Best dental clinic ever!

Ashlee P. July 18, 2023

Totally dedicated to the job at hand, very professional but relaxed environment.

Joy B. July 20, 2023

Always perfect

Alex L. July 27, 2023

Not only did Heidi do her usual fabulous and friendly job, she helped me think of a better routine for brushing with Prevident! Heidi ROCKS!!!!

Carol L. July 27, 2023

My hygienist was great. He did a cancer check in my mouth. He checked over areas on my face. He noticed clicking in my jaw. I also had my first fluoride treatment done. Very impressed!

April M. June 29, 2023

Hygienist is straight-up excellent - really knows her business and is a very effective communicator. Now you must excuse me - I'm off to buy a WaterPik.

Perry V. June 15, 2023

You are even returning some gold that I didn't know was in my tooth!

Dale N. June 7, 2023

Thank you for being so awesome!

Jason F. June 6, 2023

I appreciate the thoroughness of the work that's been done so far.

Bruce B. June 1, 2023

I have a lot of anxiety about dental work but March Dental is very careful and it sincerely makes my experience stress free!

Christopher M. May 29, 2023

Absolutely excellent service by All! Thank you!

Lynn T. May 24, 2023

I was satisfied with the overall treatment at the office 

Moe H. May 23, 2023

Everyone is so friendly and professional

Lynn T. May 18, 2023

Best cleaning I've every had

Jodi C. May 18, 2023

A+ all around.

Richard S. May 18, 2023

My new hygienist did a great job, he was clearly knowledgeable and was pleasant and helpful.

Lynn C. May 17, 2023

Always a pleasurable experience and I leave with a beautiful smile feeling like I have a new mouth.

Paul B. May 16, 2023

All great thanks

Gail L. May 15, 2023

The new male hygienist is really good. He took time to explain what he was gonna do in my mouth. He took time to explain what he saw and what the problems were. He explained how I could do better and how to do it. He is helping me reach a goal regarding my dental hygiene and taught me how to do it. I am very happy he is part of your team. 10/10 service from this young man. Very knowledgeable.

Carl M. May 15, 2023

I appreciated the text to let me know that you were running late. I have high anxiety at the dentist and waiting for the appt is often the hardest part. My hygienist made sure I was comfortable throughout the appt....even the awkwardness with my size of mouth and the X-ray machine not fitting

Heather L. May 10, 2023

My hygienist was wonderful! Excellent visit :)

Kelly M. May 10, 2023

You're all doing a great job, thank you very much :)

Nathan B. May 4, 2023

Everyone is professional and efficient. Very organized and friendly.

Karen B., May 2, 2023

Still very happy with March Dental. They really care.

Louise M. May 7, 2023

Always an excellent experience!

Isabelle S. May 3, 2023

Very polite professional kind looking forward to a long relationship

Carole M. April 21, 2023

Admin staff and Hygienist Elissa were of the upmost professionals. Best visit from start to finish.

Corey D. April 24, 2023

Thanks for looking after me.

Donald V. April 26, 2023

Always great, friendly staff

Duncan H. April 20, 2023

Heidi, as usual, was very efficient and effective, courteous, friendly, and gentle. All the staff are very friendly.

Gabrielle M. April 21, 2023

Very appreciative of how kind and pleasant the staff are to deal with.

Jeffrey P. April 26, 2023

Still very happy with March Dental. They really care.

Louise M. April 14, 2023

Fabulous care, as always.

Sue R. April 5, 2023

Love the office, had a lot of needed work done.

Micheal T.

Everything is good

Steve B. April 1, 2023

Pleasant place to go for my dental care.

Valerie L. April 9, 2023

Thank you!!!

Jayann R. March 31, 2023

Have already recommended to friends who are now patients. Awesome staff and Dr. Y

Clement B. March 30, 2023

Wonderful friendly staff. Dr. Yolande does excellent work!!

Lianne S. March 28, 2023

Very satisfied

Penny H. March 28, 2023

Thank you for being such a professional team.

Thomas H. March 24, 2023

I have already referred some people to your office, you are not only professional, caring and polite, you are very thorough which I am very pleased with. Thank you Karen :)

Karen B., March 23, 2023

If everyone had a dentist and staff like this one, they would not mind having a dental appointment!

Nancy S. March 23, 2023

Never thought I would be happy to visit the dentist before. Thank you all for creating such a kind and welcoming environment.

Jason F. March 22, 2023

Great service as usual. Staff always so friendly

Mich C. March 22, 2023

I wouldn't go anywhere else, even if a dentist opened up right next to my house!  From start to finish you gals are GREAT! Extra kudos to Heidi! She is one in a million!!!!

Carol L. March 17, 2023


Virgen J. March 11, 2023

Just an exception dentists practice!

Francis K. March 10, 2023

Looking forward to future appointments

Martin T. March 9, 2023

Always excellent service with Dr. Dmytrowski and staff. Extremely satisfied, always very friendly, efficient and understanding.

Jeanne, M. March 4, 2023

Excellent Friendly Professional service every time by everone

Lynn T. February 17, 2023

Thanks for your help and advice

Doreen C. February 17, 2023

Staff always friendly, patient and courteous.

Joy B. February 16, 2023

Best dentist ever!!!! The staff are so friendly and amazing. Love love love this dental practice!!

Ashlee P. February 14, 2023

Najla was very thorough, and gentle and informed me of the condition of my mouth. The mint flavour of the fluoride applied into my teeth was not very tasty; next time I'll try raspberry. I'm a very happy patient nevertheless and feel that I was well taken care of. That includes being booked in quickly after asking Pam to find me a time slot. Thank you all!

Y. Mary C. January 30, 2023

Great team of caring and wonderful people at March Dental.

Katherine W. January 25, 2023

Love your office!

Jesse H. January 23, 2023

I am recently widowed and the entire staff worked very hard to take care of me at this difficult time, going above and beyond what a dental team should have to deal with.

Lynn B. January 23, 2023

Hygienist was excellent; friendly knowledgeable and professional

Stephen B. January 10, 2023

The cleaning was very well done.

Kirk P. December 3, 2022

Great team work. Happy Holiday to All

Mario L. December 6, 2022

I've already referred someone aside from my immediate family members! :)

Diana M. December 9, 2022

Heidi is an awesome hygienist!

Michael B. December 13, 2022

Caring and professional staff and always a good experience!

Jake P. December 15, 2022

My new crown is perfect, nothing is getting stuck in between my teeth anymore....thanks so much!!

Laurie L. December 20, 2022

I am very thankful for Dr. Dmytrowski and her care for my dental issues. She has proven to be very competent. She is a very friendly person as well! May you all have a blessed Christmas.

Marilyn P. November 28, 2022

Very satisfied with my visit

Eva T. November 16, 2022

Very good service

Moe H. November 16, 2022

Although I recently moved to Almonte, I will not be switching dentists because I really like all the staff at March Dental. I used to have great anxiety when going to the dentist. After the caring manner of Dr. Dmytrowski during a filling I had last year, my anxiety has been greatly reduced. I am grateful to have a clinic like this in the area and am happy to make the drive to be treated so well :-)

Heather L. November 10, 2022

It was a very positive experience for Grayson, even when he was being curious and touching equipment; staff was fantastic with him.

Grayson M. November 14, 2022

Very friendly and gentle! Lol

Mark W. November 8, 2022

Excellent cleaning. I will definitely see Heidi again. Maria and Pam are always friendly and helpful at the front desk and Dr. Yolande helped deal with an issue too - great appt. all around.

Lynn C. November 7, 2022

Always a good experience, and the staff are always pleasant.

Valerie L. October 4, 2022

Great service!

Louise M. October 8, 2022

Great service as always and great work done!  Very pleased and satisfied!

Jeanne M. October 13, 2022

Heidi and Dr. Yolande were friendly and caring and very professional, as always. I feel great knowing that they are taking good care of me.

Gabrielle M. October 14, 2022

Great staff

Davide C. October 19, 2022

My hygienist was very good

Andy W. October 21, 2022

Wonderful staff and environment. I love my new dentist office.

Randolph D. October 22, 2022

Utmost courtesy, friendliness and professionalism. Thank you.

Joy B. October 25, 2022

Very understanding and professional gentle courtesy! Thank you!

Terry M. September 28, 2022

As someone who has anxiety about visiting a dentist, Doctor Dmytrowski and the staff help ease that.

Mark B. September 21, 2022

Great efficient and friendly as always. Highly recommend Dr. D and her staff!

Katherine W. September 19, 2022

A great experience!

Anonymous September 13, 2022

Amazing staff, very caring

Christopher F. September 12, 2022

Everyone is very friendly and welcoming. Dr. Dmytrowski was very professional, listened to my concern and explained what the issue was. Issue was resolved. I would definitely refer March Dental to my friends and family.

Colin G. September 8, 2022

Mouth feels good

Andy W. September 7, 2022

Always a fantastic experience!

Kirk B. September 6, 2022

Dr. D is the best dentist period.

Natalie B. September 1, 2022

New hygienist was excellent.

Stephen B. August 25, 2022

Excellent service as always!

Jeanne M. August 23, 2022

Friendly and efficient service.  No complaints at all.

Lesley G. August 22, 2022

Best cleaning I ever had

Patrick S. August 17, 2022

Always a friendly environment. My hygienist (sorry, I'm bad with names; and I'm a teacher!) was accommodating with my time to make it to my next appointment.  Pam was so helpful as well.  Thank you.

Arlene L. August 9, 2022

All staff do an amazing job!

Francis K. August 8, 2022

I appreciated that my urgent situation was handled in such a timely manner. I couldn't have asked for more

Margaret R. August 3, 2022

Very good visit.

Kimberley M. August 3, 2022

Very good service from the dentist and hygienist

Moe H. July 6, 2022

I am very pleased with the work I had done at this appointment.

Rachelle B. July 7, 2022

I was impressed in the way the dentist and hygienist (assistant) worked together as a team.  I had 3 fillings redone and it went smoothly considering that the hygienist (assistant) was a sub.  Thank you.

Kim M. July 19, 2022

Great dental office

David L. July 21, 2022

Thank you for another great visit

Julia L. July 25, 2022

Great service as always

Robin T. July 28, 2022

This was my first time with the new hygienist (I wish I could remember her name) and she was phenomenal. Very personable, very thorough, very gentle, and an extremely pleasant person. She is an excellent credit to your business.

Michael B. June 1, 2022

Very caring people.

Lynn B. June 2, 2022

Always awesome service!

Isabelle S. June 14, 2022

Very happy with results

Corey L. June 24, 2022

So nice to have the full treatment with polisher! yay! :)

Barb D. May 2, 2022

Fantastic visit. Thank you.

Garry M. May 5, 2022

Love you guys, thanks for being friendly and professional.

Christina Z. May 10, 2022

Can't say exactly how far I would travel to have Heidi as my hygienist but it is PRETTY FAR!!

Carol L. May 19, 2022

Dr. Dmytrowski and her assistant did a wonderful job fixing my two chipped teeth. Smiles!

Gabrielle M. April 4, 2022

She is awesome. I hope to get the same person every time.

Carl M. April 11, 2022

Very pleased with my appointment and very happy to have changed to March Dental.

Jean-Luc L. April 12, 2022

Best dentist I have ever had. Actually fell asleep during my hygienist cleaning. Looking forward to my next return.

Marc K. April 13, 2022

All the staff are friendly and helpful and make me feel relaxed and well taken care of.

Heather L. April 19, 2022

It was my first time with Tiffany (hygienist). She was great!  Dr. Dmytrowski is always a pleasure to see and talk to, including in French! Great work from Maria at the front desk.

Mario L. April 26, 2022

Great people and service

Robin T. April 27, 2022

I had a dental hygienist I never had before, I believe her name was Brittney: She was absolutely wonderful and caring. March Dental and the staff never cease to amaze me. I honestly can say anymore positive things cause it would take me all day to list the many, many amazing things about the staff and the clinic. Thank you March Dental again for making me feel safe and comfortable.

Ashlee P. April 28, 2022

Definitely the best dental service I've ever had in may years. Friendly competent staff, and the most professional and meticulous dentist. Dr. D's touch is pain free and the results are first rate.

William (Bill) K. March 29, 2022

You're all fabulous, highly recommend. :)

Lorraine H. March 29, 2022

Always very friendly and professional!

Diane D. March 25, 2022

Thank you so much

Ryan S. March 25, 2022

If I could write a 100 surveys on how amazing this dental clinic is I would! There are so many wonderful things about the clinic and the staff! They treat you like family and royalty! Can't thank them enough! Best dental clinic in the whole world!!!

Ashlee P. March 15, 2022

Heidi has a wonderful light touch. Always a great experience at the office.

Brittany P. March 8, 2022


Barbara B. March 3, 2022

I would highly recommend to anyone!!!

Nancy S. March 3, 2022

I recently had my dental hygiene visit with Heidi and she was very professional, gentle and friendly as always.  I travelled all the way to Ottawa from Newfoundland to see my favourite dental hygienist and Dentist.

Patty M. March 3, 2022

I always recommend March Dental

Steve B. February 25, 2022

Amazing! Amazing! Amazing!  Dr. D is the best dentist in the whole world! She is absolutely beautiful inside and out and I'm so blessed to be treated by her and her team.  Maria and Pam are always smiling and super helpful. Can't thank March Dental enough!

Ashlee P. February 17, 2022

I like this place, very nice people

Jorge M. February 11, 2022

Great people. Excellent service. Very competent professionals.  They care about you and your overall well being. Yolande and her team provide exemplary care and provide a safe warm caring environment.

Paul B. February 10, 2022

Great Dental Team at March Dental

Pierre S. February 10, 2022

Very friendly and professional from everyone.

Ray B. February 15, 2022

Was very good at cleaning my teeth

Andy W. February 2, 2022

Excellent friendly and professional as always

Lynn C. February 2, 2022

You guys are making my life better every time I go.  Awesome team and Dentist.  Thanks for everything you guys do.

Carl M. February 1, 2022

Extremely good service

Ray B. January 28, 2022

Always a pleasure going there

Ryan S. January 27, 2022

The work done on my teeth was excellent, Invisalign follow-ups were always addressed to my concerns - with the best care.  Appointment scheduling was always simple.  Thank you so much March Dental!

Anonymous January 22, 2022

Excellent experience, how many people can say that about having a cavity filled!

Shauna W. January 20, 2022

Maria is the best!

Adam K. January 14, 2022

Fantastic as always!

Francis K. January 14, 2022

Great visit, Dr. Dmytrowski took the time to do a great job!

Brian B. January 7, 2022

As usual the best treatment

Cher W. January 6, 2022

Thank you for everything and Merry Christmas

Louise D. December 21, 2021

Great team providing awesome dental care

Tim L. December 21, 2021

You're a great group

Alain D. December 21, 2021

Thanks for the good care and donation for our hamper drive!

Shirley V. December 12, 2021

Excellent service.  Great company.

Roxanne M. December 10, 2021

Everyone goes above and beyond to make my daughter more comfortable . Excellent service and staff.

Mila L. Decembe 9, 2021

Best dentist and staff in town.

Carl M. November 30, 2021

Dr. Yolande is the best dentist I have ever been to.

Brenda G. November 30, 2021

Thanks for everyone trying their best to make me feel comfortable.

Debbie R. November 25, 2021

Excellent and friendly team always.

Isabelle S. November 22, 2021

Happy with the result of my treatment

Betty L. October 26, 2021

Always great service from your team!

Christina Z. October 25, 2021

As always a pleasure to come in and be served

Cher W. October 14, 2021

As always, great people and excellent treatment.

Michael B. October 4, 2021

I am terrified of dentistry because of the military but, thanks to you guys now I am getting better every time. Thank you so much to the dental team.

Carl M. October 4, 2021

I am usually quite nervous but felt very comfortable with the doctor and her team.

Lynn B. September 28, 2021

Angela was amazing!

Matthew C. September 23, 2021

Another wonderful appointment with a professional, knowledgeable, caring team! Thank you!

Diane D. September 16, 2021

Everyone is friendly and extremely helpful whenever I contact the office.

Peggy S. September 10, 2021

I am always very pleased and satisfied with all treatments received from Dr. Dmytrowski as well as all staff! Always friendly and efficient.

Jeanne M. September 7, 2021

Always a great experience

Dave W. August 31, 2021

Thanks to all of you... I would definitely refer anyone who asks me, but all of my friends and family have been here much longer than I have and already  are well served.

Dominique A. August 27, 2021

Very impressed and satisfied with my experience today.

Cindy B. - August 26, 2021

Very friendly and efficient staff. Have recommended the office to friends.

Mich C. - August 14, 2021

I like the place staff is very friendly. Doctor and Hygienist both are good.

Sugandha C. - August 12, 2021

It was my first time there but I'm so happy with the experience! Can't wait for the rest of my family to come meet you as well.

Keri R. - August 11, 2021

Keep on the excellent work! Thank you.

Luc L. - August 10, 2021

Thank you Angela for the best of care.

Patricia D. - August 6, 2021

Absolutely amazing! I have a concussion and severe neck pain and the woman cleaning my teeth was understanding and accommodating. She even put towels under my neck for support. She honestly made my day! I've said it many times and I'll say it again. This is the best dental clinic in the whole world! I always look forward to going to the dentist and how many can say that?! Thanks March Dental again for being truly amazing!

Ashlee P. - July 23, 2021

I always enjoy my visits. Excellent care and conversation. Life family.

Paul B. - July 15, 2021

I had a very pleasant experience. No one is perfect for everyone, but I can definitely picture myself recommending March Dental to friends and family in the future. :-)

Kristin S. - July 13, 2021

Love the whole crew.

Suzette L. - July 9, 2021

Very friendly and extremely gentle. Highly recommend!

Mark W. - July 8, 2021

Had my cleaning and it was so quick and easy even though I hadn't had a cleaning in years.

Cher W. - June 1, 2021

Outstanding experience from Maria at the front desk to the procedure itself. I have an irrational fear of getting fillings, but I was made to feel safe, secure, and cared for. And no pain! Thank you so much for making a difficult situation for me, a positive experience.

Heather L. - June 1, 2021

All the staff I've interacted with have been very kind and caring.

Emily H. - June 8, 2021

Everything was great as usual thank you

Gail L. - June 11, 2021

Best dentistry service ever!!!!

Jo Y. - May 24, 2021B

Great job!

Nicole L.. - May 20, 2021

I only saw Heidi, the hygienist. She was efficient, caring and friendly. It is too early to recommend March Dental to people. I have only been there a couple of times. So far, I am satisfied.

Barbara C. - May 20, 2021


Cameron T. - May 13, 2021

A wonderful time getting my teeth taken care of. Always enjoy visiting.

Victoria S. - May 13, 2021

Always very friendly and professional treatment. I highly recommend March Dental to anyone.

Colin G. - May 12, 2021

I always get excellent care at March Dental. I was there for a procedure I was a bit nervous about and Dr. Yolande put me at ease and got the job done very well. I would always recommend March Dental and Dr. Yolande.

Lynn C. - May 06, 2021

Great service. Thanks.

David F. - May 01, 2021

The temp hygienist was very good and friendly and did her job well.

Derrick M. - March 30, 2021

I was very well taken care of...most pleased

Cher W. - March 29, 2021

Question 6 should be 10+++++++. I have never been happier with Heidi, who I already knew, or Yolande (spelling?). I am happily referring people to your office.

Carol L. - March 29, 2021

Very happy to have found you! Friendly atmosphere and staff.

Heather L. - March 29, 2021

Great people

Sylvia T. - March 29, 2021

Love you guys and your efficiency!

Christina Z. - March 23, 2021

Thank you for your expertise and careful attentions to all my concerns.

Jo Y. - March 23, 2021

Excellent service...Angela was terrific and answered all my dental hygiene questions

Brian C. - March 09, 2021

Thank you to everyone especially the dentist assistant who cleaned my teeth for me. She is wonderful and made sure I was comfortable and not in pain since I was in a car accident. This dental clinic always goes above and beyond. Love you guys

Ashlee P. - March 08, 2021

Angie is great!

Elaine J. - March 08, 2021

Thanks for your excellent care.

Jo Y. - March 04, 2021

Thank you!!!

Jayann R. - February 25, 2021

I am a nervous dental patient but I am always made to feel safe and comfortable here. I highly recommend Dr. YD and her team!

Keri O. - February 24, 2021

Incredibly swift and pain free

Brian C. - February 23, 2021

I didn't have to call the office this time but in the past my calls were always received in a friendly and efficient manner.

Sabrina S. - February 11, 2021

Amazing again - thank you!

Janet R. - February 02, 2021

Great friendly, professional. Always a great experience.

Donald B. - February 02, 2021

Always very friendly and I feel very welcome. You guys do a great job!

Meghan S. - February 01, 2021

Thank you for your amazing compassion and empathy for patients who are having a hard time; I truly appreciate you.

Sonia R. - February 01, 2021

Great professional service on every visit.

Mario F. - January 29, 2021

Excellent staff, very professional. Satisfied with all the dental work performed - very thorough.

Brian C. - January 28, 2021

I was a little apprehensive about my procedure, but now that the worst is past in my opinion, I am now satisfied the worry was for nothing. Thank you Doctor and Staff.

Richard R. - January 26, 2021

Heidi is an excellent hygienist...much preferred over past or present ones. 

Anonymous - January 25, 2021

Super friendly and professional treatment, I feel totally relaxed and have confidence in Dr. Dmytrowski and the team.

Colin G. - January 07, 2021

Great protocol during these trying times. Smooth as butter. As well, appreciate the administration submitting on my behalf to my Carrier. I am reimbursed within 48 hours.

Lawrence C. - January 07, 2021

Professional courteous friendly caring people who care about you and your health.

Paul B. - January 07, 2021

Very happy to be taken care of by March Dental Do happy with every visit I have.

Amy C. - January 04, 2021

Impressed with the care given under these circumstances. Kudos on the air cleaner...always a step ahead of everyone else :-) Stay safe!

Marlene Y. - January 04, 2021

Completely outstanding service, would recommend everyone to experience such great service I received. Thank you for your help Dr. Dmytrowski. And fantastic staff as well! Happy and safe holidays, looking forward to seeing you again soon!

David P. - December 22, 2020

Great experience!

Donald B. - December 17, 2020

Excellent experience.

James R. - December 17, 2020

No comments, simply the best Dr.

Alex L. - December 16, 2020

Thank you for the clinic's rapid comprehensive and diligent repair to my front teeth. I was seamlessly streamed from my statement of condition through COVID-19 protocol, an assessment visit, the dental repair with Dr. Dmytrowski and payment with insurance filings. Everyone accomplished impressively and the Dr. with concentration and focus on the teeth. Thank you for the excellent treatment. This buries the fear of going to the dentist. I like the new teeth.

Francis M. - December 16, 2020

Extractions are no fun but office efficiency was appreciated!

Donald P. - December 14, 2020

I had excellent experience at this dental office. I have been going to this office for a while and have nothing but amazing things to say about the work they are all doing at the office!

Emily M. - December 14, 2020

Dr. Yolande is the best dentist ever.

Pierre S. - December 09, 2020

Everything was done professionally and made me feel safe under the current circumstances. I am pleased with the treatment I get at this practice and have referred friends and family.

Rachelle B. - December 08, 2020

Also impressed with the COVID-19 health and safety measures put in place.

Brian C. - December 07, 2020

Dr. Dmytrowski even took the time to find me a dentist in Kingston. We will really miss the entire staff, they are all TOP NOTCH!!

Grant T. - December 04, 2020

I can eat chicken wings again, thank you Dr. Yol. Did I mention pain free?

Mike G. - December 03, 2020

Thanks to all who looked after me. Dr. Yolande you did a great job. I can smile again. Stay safe and blessings to all during the xmas season.

Patricia D. - December 02, 2020

Well done.

Judy K. - December 02, 2020

The most professional and caring dentist office i have ever visited. Thank you.

Garry M. - November 26, 2020

Excellent service as always.

Robin T. - November 25, 2020

Thank you for making my visit so pleasant. So glad to have found you. Merry Christmas!

Paulette B. - November 24, 2020

Nice and convenient, nice people.

Adam M. - November 24, 2020

This exam was very thorough, much more than i expected.

Micheal T. - November 23, 2020

Courteous, professional, friendly and always caring and concered about your health and wellfare.

Paul B. - November 21, 2020

Heidi ROCKS!!!!!!!!!

Carol L. - November 20, 2020

Thanks I actually liked the cleaning I had yesterday. It was excellent!

Lesley S. - November 18, 2020

As always, excellent service! I am extremely satisfied with Dr. Yolande's skills as her friendly manner as well as staff!

Jeanne M. - November 17, 2020

This was my first appointment and I was very impressed with the service. My dental hygienist Angela was excellent!

Emily H. - November 11, 2020

All staff are professional & great to deal with!

Mark B. - November 09, 2020

The hygienist did a superb job of cleaning yesterday!

Marilyn P. - November 06, 2020

Staff always very friendly, efficient, am very satisfied with service and treatment.

Jeanne M. - November 05, 2020

I couldn't be happier with March dental! They treat me like family and it's the only dentist that doesn't hurt me when I go for a cleaning. Everyone is super accommodating and friendly!

Ashlee P. - November 03, 2020

Staffs always very friendly, efficient, am very satisfied with service and treatment

Jeanne M. - October 28, 2020

You guys are great. I love the positivity of Dr. Dmytrowski and Maria.

Jeffrey P. - October 26, 2020

Thank you.

Gail L. - October 16, 2020

Always a fun friendly time when I visit. Thanks for years of great service.

Wayne M. - October 08, 2020

I feel safe during my visit. Thank you.

Jayann R. - October 06, 2020

The best in Ottawa!!!

Tim L. - October 01, 2020

I always enjoy the experience. I leave feeling like I have a new mouth. It is like visiting family who care about your well being. Great people. Skilled professionals.

Paul B. - October 01, 2020

Felt very welcomed. Staff were great and very friendly.

Cara B. - September 27, 2020

Dr. Dmytowski and her team are friendly, professional and efficient! Thank you for taking such good care of me!

Diane D. - September 26, 2020

Great staff

Linda B. - September 25, 2020

Would not hesitate to recommend this dental office

David L. - September 25, 2020

Keep up the great work, ladies.

Matthew D. - September 25, 2020

Third time back since reopening and each time it's been more efficient but always just as safe! Thank you!

Elizabeth M. - September 23, 2020

Thank you for your wonderful service :)

Isabelle N. - September 23, 2020

You have taken exceptional measures and instituted extensive protocols to ensure the safety of all your clients and your staff during this unbelievable time we are living in! Well done to all involved and thank you!

Francine B. - September 16, 2020

The quality of care remains high, as always.

Robin T. - September 15, 2020

Thank you very much guys. My 8 year old daughter was made to feel very comfortable as well, you guys are doing a great job!

Josephene P. - September 14, 2020

You guys are great. My hygeniest was super friendly and made it a good experience, especially since I don't really enjoy people poking about in my mouth. Maria is great, too. I love how polite, concerned and caring she is.

Jeffrey P. - September 11, 2020

Wonderful service, thank you!

Lynn T. - September 07, 2020

Great service

Ken G. - September 01, 2020

Excellent visit to the dental office (as always) for myself and children. The safety procedures in place to prevent the spread of COVID were very impressive and followed by all staff and explained in detail at arrival.

Julia L. - September 01, 2020

Angela cleaned my teeth to my satisfcation. She asked all the right questions and we had a great conversation. I definitely would like to see her again.

Suzanne B. - September 01, 2020

Excellent visit to the dental office (as always) for myself and children. The safety procedures in place to prevent the spread of COVID were very impressive and followed by all staff and explained in detail at arrival.

Julia L. - September 01, 2020

No issues whatsoever!

Andrei P. - August 27, 2020

Always a great job by all the staff!

Shirley V. - August 26, 2020

I've been seeing Dr. "D" and March Dental for the past decade. Her work is superb and the hygienist and staff are exceptional as well. They listen well, are courteous and efficient. Together they make a great dental team. Thank you.

William K. - August 25, 2020

OMG - the most thorough dental appointment (with Yolande) I have ever had!!! For the first time in my life I feel as if my overall dental health is being considered and guarded, and that I will be able to keep the teeth I have left. KUDOS especially to Heidi you have Yolande a glowing reference when trying to decide what to do. Heidi is GREAT but Heidi plus Yolande - WOW!!!! I have won the dental lottery!

Carol L. - August 25, 2020

Great experience from start to finish

Kristin S. - August 25, 2020

A visit with you and your hygienist is always reassuring. I feel that my dental health is very well taken care of. For your competence, reassurance and I thank you.

Jo Y. - August 21, 2020

You guys are great!

Elisabeth A. - August 20, 2020

Always treated with courtesy in a very friendly and efficient manner. I have no complaints whatsoever. I am always very satisfied with the service provided by all staff at March Dental.

Jeanne M. - August 19, 2020

The hygienist did a great job. Everyone from dentist to office staff did wonderful jobs.

Lori S. - August 19, 2020

As usual, Dr. Dmytrowski did an amazing job. I even feel the filling will outlast me. Thanks very much for your work.

Joan B. - August 18, 2020

Very good service

Florian T. - August 10, 2020

Extra safety precautions are greatly appreciated

Marlene Y. - August 08, 2020

Great service

Richard M. - July 05, 2020

Best dental clinic the whole world! The staff are amazing and always friendly! Doctor Yolande is such a kind matured person and so knowledgeable. Never knew going to the dentist could be enjoyable!

Ashlee P. - July 14, 2020

Thank you so much for taking such great care of me. You are all amazing

Lynn T. - July 14, 2020

What can I say? I already loved Heidi and nothing has changed. You guys were all very nice. What made me happiest (other than being with Heidi) was the friendly chatter I could hear while my teeth were being cleaned. I could not hear actual words but the low key chatter is the sign of a happy, friendly office and that is what has been missing at my former dentist. I would definitely refer people to your office.

Carol L. - July 17, 2020

I am very pleased to be a patient at March Dental, and look forward to returning! Thank you for our care of me!

Christine G. - July 21, 2020

The best team offering the best care! Thank you for your extra efforts in protecting both yourselves and us patients during this difficult pandemic. Kudos to March Dental!!!

Tim L. - July 21, 2020

With the Covid-19 going, the staff were very efficient, knowledgeable and caring.

Helen B. - July 22, 2020

I was satisfied and pleased with the services provided by both Dr. Yolande and by the hygienist Heidi. I was also very pleased with the courteous manner in which I was treated.

Moe H. - July 23, 2020

My experience so far has been fantastic!

Melissa J. - July 31, 2020

I felt very safe in the environment

Lynn C. - July 31, 2020

Great place. So far, been really enjoying it. Keep up the good work.

Matthew D. - July 24, 2020

Great job, appreciate the extra TLC by all

Grant B. - March 14, 2020

Thank you for your great service

Jayann R. - March 14, 2020

As someone who has anxiety with dental visits, I highly recommend this office! Everyone is so nice and caring. You are treated like a friend here.

Keri O. - February 03, 2020


Michael J. - February 04, 2020

Word 'friendly' is misspelled. My experience today was excellent. The staff is helpful and the dentist is exceptional. I will definitely recommend her to my son and his family who also have recently moved from the Toronto area.

Frances F. - February 05, 2020

All was great Thank you

Gail L. - February 11, 2020

Great service all round (as usual)!!!!!

Michael K. - February 12, 2020

Always excellent service!

Jeanne M. - February 13, 2020

A very thorough and satisfying visit. Much appreciated

Clement B. - February 13, 2020

I am thankful for the competence I see at March Dental. It's been a blessing to have March dental take care of my dental problems.

Marylin P. - December 02, 2019


Dale H. - December 03, 2019

March Dental...Wow...can’t saying anything but wonderful things. So Professional, knowledgeable and caring for you and your dental needs.

Lynn T. - December 05, 2019

Great people and very professional

Sylvia T. - December 09, 2019

This is by far the best dental office I’ve had the pleasure of dealing with. Dr Dmytrowski and her assistant, Debbie, set the standard by which other dental practices should be judged!

David W. - December 11, 2019

I have always been apprehensive about having dental work done, but with Doctor Dmytrowski and her staff I am completely at ease and thoroughly recommend March Dental.

Aline M. - December 11, 2019

I received very professional services with smile and diligence. Very satisfy with the service of Dr.Dmytrowski and her personnel's.

Florian T. - December 16, 2019

Best dental experience I’ve had throughout my life. My kids are treated so well too. The staff is great and the attention to detail is top notch. I always recommend this office when talking to anyone looking for a dentist.

Julia L. - December 23, 2019

Very good professional service!

David P. - December 23, 2019

Just received the most thorough cleaning I have ever experienced! It feels amazing. Thanks. You guys are the best!

Jim S. - November 12, 2019

I certainly do refer my dental office. Always friendly and courteous and concerned if you are ok when sitting in the chair. Superior service and care.

Micheline C. - November 14, 2019

When the opportunity presents itself, I always speak of March Dental in a positive way. The professionalism you and your staff display is always second to none.

Gerry J. - November 14, 2019

Always great service. Thanks

Tim L. - November 20, 2019

Very professional, courteous, and caring. Would have no problem recommending this office to anyone. Thank you

Gary M. - November 20, 2019

Merry Christmas

Debbie C. - November 25, 2019

Always warm and welcoming!

James M. - November 28, 2019

My Hygienist was amazing - so gentle!!! Love her!

Sonia R. - November 14, 2020

I got very good services and interactions in this clinic. Thank you.

Florian T. - October 01, 2019

Excellent and friendly service from everyone in office. I am impressed and extremely satisfied with Dr. Dmytrowski’s dental skills and work done beyond my satisfaction. All positive! A special thank you also to Maria and Dr. Dmytrowski’s assistant for being so patient, helpful and always so friendly.

Jeanne M. - October 03, 2019

Thank-you For the exceptionally great and friendly visit Your help was very appreciated. With all my dental requirements. Thanks !! Again !!!

David P. - October 07, 2019

You guys are all amazing and feel like family to me. Thank you for your support and for being so great!

Ashlee P. - October 10, 2019

Awesome as always :)

Victoria R. - October 17, 2019

As always, the receptionists were friendly and efficient. The service provider seemed knowledgeable and caring. She was also efficient. My visit was pleasant and satisfying.

Jo Y. - October 21, 2019

Keep up the good work!

Simon M. - October 22, 2019

Excellent service as always. Everyone at the office always goes above and beyond.

Micheal K. - October 31, 2019

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