Our Dental Practice - Commitment to Our Patients

At March Dental, our job is to restore, enhance and maintain the natural beauty of your smile. We also believe that comprehensive education is a key element enabling our patients to care properly for their teeth. Our team is committed to providing the services required to keep the residents of Kanata and surrounding area smiling.

High Standards

At March Dental, we are committed to providing the high standard of dental care to our patients.

When you visit with our professionals at March Dental, you can expect comprehensive and thorough exams to precisely identify your oral health care needs. We will discuss any specific concerns you may have and prepare a detailed treatment plan designed to ensure that all of your oral health care needs are met. Dr.Yolande Dmytrowski will present an ideal treatment plan for you along with options, but you, will always have the final choice about what procedures you wish to receive. With an appropriate plan in place, our staff will implement effective restorative and cosmetic dental techniques to ensure we create and maintain a smile you can be proud of.

Payment Options

At March Dental, Our Kanata dental office the fees for all treatment conform to the Ontario Dental Fee Guide, nothing more! For your convenience several payment options are available. These include: Visa, Mastercard, debit, cheque and cash. Most insurance plans are accepted as well

Education & Prevention

Preventative dental care and education are the primary components to achieving optimal oral and dental health. Conducting thorough exams – checking teeth and gums, performing oral cancer exams and taking x-rays as required, helps us to identify and resolve small problems before they become big (and sometimes – painful!) issues.

Longstanding research has established that routine cleanings, flossing and fluoride treatments are the key elements in helping to prevent oral health disease. Because we believe in, and are dedicated to, keeping your teeth and smile healthy, we like to schedule regular visits for you with us at our dental office.

Maintaining optimal dental health, however, only begins at the dentist’s office. Preventing dental disease also rests on your shoulders each and every day, until your next visit with us. That’s why the team at March Dental is committed to providing ongoing dental education to our patients. The professionals at March Dental take the time to educate our patients on everything from the basics of brushing and flossing to the latest technology available in dental care and cosmetic dentistry.

Uncompromising Safety

Our patients expect to feel safe and secure each and every time they visit at our Kanata dentistry - March Dental. Infection control at our office is of critical importance to us. To protect our patients – and ourselves – we strictly adhere to the sterilization and cross-contamination processes and standards set out by the Royal College of Dental Surgeons of Ontario.

All of our staff our CPR trained and certified. This certification is updated yearly – in fact, we close our office for the day once a year in order to re-certify all our staff, thereby ensuring that any new team members are prepared for the unexpected.

Training & Expertise

Our team at March Dental entered this profession due to a desire to help others preserve and care for their smiles. As well, our professionals are committed to on-going dental education – yours and theirs! In order to provide the most up-to-date care for our patients, we attend seminars, dental lectures, dental conventions, and advanced dental educational institutions in order to stay abreast of advances in dental techniques, the latest dental products and newest equipment. Maintaining our training and skills in turn enables us to bring state-of-the-art dental care to our patients.

Leaving Your Visit to the Dentist with a Smile on Your Face

At March Dental, our success is dependent on our relationship with you. High quality dental care begins with building your trust and confidence in the people providing your dental care. We also know that for some patients, the visit to the dentist’s office can be very difficult and unnerving. We strive to maintain a warm, relaxing and positive environment to put any nervous patients at ease.

We consider ourselves successful when you leave your appointment with a smile on your face!

Our Mission Statement

Our mission is to help our patients achieve a lifetime of optimum oral and dental health. We strive to foster patient relationships based on mutual trust, excellent customer service, and the best patient care available. Our goal is to serve our patients with compassion and reverence. We understand that all our patients are individuals, with his or her own personal needs and concerns. At March Dental, we are a dynamic team of professionals who are dedicated to meeting our patients’ dental goals and aspirations. We are thankful each day for the opportunity to work together to support our patients, each other and our mission.

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