Kanata Periodontal Disease Maintenance

The prevention and control of periodontal disease is reliant on persistent maintenance by you at home and with regular and consistent check-ups and periodontal cleanings with your hygienist.

Your Kanata dentist and hygienist will establish the best-suited hygiene maintenance and cleaning interval required for you. It can be as little as every six months, or as often as four times per year.

Daily brushing and flossing helps retard plaque and tartar formation. However, plaque that is allowed to remain on the teeth for as little as twenty hours will turn into the much harder to remove tartar. This means that for most patients, over time, there will be a build up of tartar on their teeth. Since tartar is so hard, it is extremely difficult to remove tartar with regular home cleanings. As such, your regular dental cleanings at our office will help keep tartar build-up under control.

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