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Important information prior to your visit with March Dental

Safety Measures

As we mentioned in our previous email; we have been working diligently to ensure that we are providing you with the safest environment possible for your dental care. There are some changes in the appearance of the office, and the type of personal protective equipment that our team may be wearing and of course the extra measures that we ask of you, which include:

Please note: Only the patient with the appointment will be allowed to enter the office unless the need for a parent/guardian or care provider is required to either escort the patient into the office/treatment room and/or remain with them in the treatment room; they will also be required to wear a mask for the duration of the time that they are in the office and use hand sanitizer accordingly as well.  If not required to be present with them in the treatment room then we ask them to return to their car or outside until the patient’s treatment is finished; at which time we will text them to come back in.

When scheduling any family appointments on the same day, please remember that there will be at least a 30-minute wait between appointments and start times may be staggered if scheduling with both hygienists at the same time.

As we must adhere to very strict guidelines when scheduling treatment of any kind, making it a more structured and arduous task, we ask that you please carefully consider your appointment and select a day and time that is most convenient for you as our schedules will not be as flexible as you’ve been used to and the need to reschedule could significantly delay your treatment even further.

We thank you again for your patience during these last few months; it has always been an honour that you have placed your trust in March Dental to take care of your oral health care needs and we hope that you continue to do so.

See you soon!